A Cupcake Loving Customer turned Instagram Foodie

This blog is all about my passion for the food and beverage industry, and how I have now turned my passion into an Instagram account.

For as long as I can remember I have always been obsessed with desserts, especially cupcakes. When I was in high school I remember going to my first specialty cupcake store, Icing on the Cupcake. Located in Folsom, California. This is where my passion for trying local cupcakes everywhere I go started.

The customer experience these shops provide is amazing. They create unique flavors, and have excellent presentation, along with friendly and knowledgeable employees. Since my first experience in Folsom, I have tried different local shops in Carson City, Reno, Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Roseville, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. And I am looking forward to the many more to come.

However, I realized that not only do I want to try all of these different places, I want to share with others what I found as well. At first I debated using my personal Instagram account to share my findings, however I didn’t want others to get annoyed seeing food pictures all the time.

After my boyfriend recently suggested I create an Instagram account just for food, I started realizing that it was the perfect platform to share the foods I find. It took a few days to research popular foodies on Instagram, and I realized that the food community is massive with many people wanting to collaborate and share amazing foods throughout the world.

A few of the accounts that have inspired me are Foooodieee, The Naughty Fork, and Freshmen 15. All started by young women and have each attained a global outreach, each being featured in national magazines. They have been able to turn their love for food into businesses to collaborate with restaurants and eateries to share the trendiest and most Instagram worthy food around.

This is what makes Instagram so great, is that all account owners can reach out and create communities with those that share the same interests and hobbies. This is the ultimate consumer experience.

After days of research and collaboration with my mom I landed on the perfect name for my account: Slytly Sweet. I want to use the account to share local food and beverages that I try, especially cupcakes. It is a work in progress, and as I discussed in my previous blog I hit a road block in the beginning, but I am excited to continue sharing not only food finds, but also the customer experience offered by these local favorites.

I am excited to expand my blog on customer experience to include food and beverage specific details, and see where this new journey can take me. If you want to take a look at my cupcake adventures and west coast food finds check out my account @slytlysweet.


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