Instagram: The Experience I Didn’t Expect


This blog I will be discussing my unexpected experience with the social media platform, Instagram, and what you can possibly do to avoid the frustration that I had to deal with.

In the Social Age the dominance and presence of social media platforms in undeniable. Almost everyone from the young to the old have an account on at least one form of social media. Many people have accounts on every platform out there, while also have multiple accounts under a single platform. Utilizing social media platforms is not only for personal relationships, but also a strong business tool for companies to reach out to their customers.

So here’s what happened recently to my Instagram account and the tips I have for you to avoid the consumer experience I had to work around.

Here’s my story in a nutshell. I am passionate about the exploring the field of customer service and sharing with others tips, tricks, and experiences to help better businesses. However, I am also passionate about the food and beverage industry, specifically cupcakes and desserts. With the awesome platform Instagram provides, I decided to create my own food account.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend suggested I start a food account, since I love trying new places to eat and documenting my journey through photos. After brainstorming with my mom, we came up with the name for my account: Slytly Sweet.

I started networking on my new account, but I wanted to keep it separate from my personal account (first mistake). I didn’t want to link it to Facebook (second mistake). Finally, I didn’t want to link it to my phone number and email (third mistake). Keeping it separate was not the best idea.

After the first few days I surprisingly gained over 700 followers and was “liking” and finding different food accounts and influencers to follow. The next morning I attempt to log into my account, and I am notified that my account was deactivated! I was shocked and had no idea why.

I searched the internet for answers and realized that Instagram most likely thought it was a computer generated account and deactivated it. I followed the many steps in order to regain access, since this was a mistake, including taking a selfie with a hand written note, with special code, my name and username.

24 hours go by and I regained access after receiving an email from the Instagram team. After researching many others who came across this problem as well I found a few tips and hints to avoid this in the future, or for those of you wanting to create a hobby based account:

  • Link to as many outside platforms as possible (Facebook and Twitter for example)
  • Verify phone number, email, and any other identifiers Instagram asks for
  • Posts can contain roughly 30 hashtags
  • How many photos you like and follow/unfollow are limited per hour

These tips aren’t explicitly stated by Instagram, but just what I found online by others who have run into problems with Instagram, like I faced with my new account. Hope this information helps you on your next Instagram journey!


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