Dutch Bros: Came for the Smoothie, Left with a Puppy

This blog I will be discussing story that combines the great experience I always receive at Dutch Bros Coffee, and how that turned into my family and I adopting a puppy that didn’t have a home.

Dutch Bros Coffee was established in 1992 in Grants Pass, Oregon, by two brothers of Dutch descent. Their unique atmosphere has turned into one of the country’s “largest, privately help drive-thru coffee companies.” They have over 260 locations in seven states currently. They not only have an amazing business but also have given away one million drinks a year.

Their core values are, speed, quality and service. They also have a strong community focus and have donated over $2 million a year to local communities and nonprofit organizations. Dutch Bros is not just a brand, but has a loyal customer base called the “Dutch Mafia.”

Every experience I have had there is customer focused, with their friendly knowledgeable employees who are always having fun, and dancing to the stereo playing upbeat fun music. They also provide a rewards card, which provides you with a free drink after ten purchases, again promoting customer loyalty.

So now for the memorable experience my mom and I had three years ago. We had just finished participating in a 5k running event in Reno, Nevada and were heading back to our home in Carson City. Since there are no Dutch Bros currently in Reno, the only one to stop at in Northern Nevada, is in my home town of Carson City.

I wanted to stop there on our way home to grab a smoothie. Little did I know at the time we would be leaving with much more than just a smoothie. Heading through their drive thru we had just paid for our smoothies, and standing in the line to their order window was a girl holding a little white Siberian husky puppy.

We of course asked if we could see this little white ball of fluff, and the girl came over and jokingly asked, “Do you want her?” My mom and I both laughed, but the girl said she was serious and that this little husky didn’t have a home and she was just taking care of her for the week. So we took down her phone number and once again were in the situation of consideration adopting another puppy for our family.

A week later we couldn’t help but decide to bring her home with us. I felt that Keva needed a sister her own size to play with as well. My parents have two Pomeranians, Nala and Koko, who easily adjusted to the newest addition. My brother is always great at coming up with the names for our pets, so it was decided that Kona would be her name.

She is now a rambunctious 3 year old, full of energy and ready for adventure. She even has her own backpack to head out with my Dad on his summer backpacking trips. She loves all of her older adopted sisters and never wants to miss out on the action.

So next time you’re near a Dutch Bros looking for a coffee or beverage, be prepared for an experience you might not expect! We had a great customer experience, and also added to our fur family.


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