MyFitnessPal: The Easy Way For Customers To Track Their Food

Image result for under armourThe food and beverage industry has changed over the years, along with the customers’ expectations. Not only is it enough for a company to have a website and be present on social media platforms, they also have to provide nutritional information to their customers. There are so many different kinds of diets and nutritional guidelines people follow, the most successful companies will make it quick and easy for their consumer to see what is in their food.

With laws changing over the past ten years, many companies have already had to make the changes to provide the nutritional information of the food they serve. Many times you can now look at a restaurant’s menu and be able to see the caloric intake of the items in the entrée. This is definitely a good thing, because many times people are unaware of the amount of calories actually in certain items. I absolutely was unaware that at some restaurants even their salads are over 1,200 calories, and that’s something you would initially think is healthy choice.

Image result for my fitness palCustomers want things as easy as possible, especially when it comes to trying to stay healthy or follow a diet plan. There are many different apps out there to help track, but I personally enjoy using MyFitnessPal, which was purchased by Under Armour in 2015. The app has come a long way over the past five years that I have been using it. Including being linked with Under Armour’s other apps like MapMyRun which I discussed in a previous blog.

Image result for my fitness pal

Now it is easier than ever to count calories and track your daily macros. You can break up your day into four categories; breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They even have a section to keep track of the water you consume throughout the day. When you set up an account you can set a weight goal and the app will suggest the caloric intake in order to reach that goal in a designated time, also based on activity level.

The app also finds trends in your eating and if you eat the same breakfast for three days in a row will automatically ask if you would like to input it the following day, instead of having to manually add each item. Another great benefit is that you are able to create your own recipes and once you input all of the ingredients once you can save the recipe for future use.

One of my favorite features in the app is the bar code scanner. Instead of having to type in the product name, you just scan the barcode and it will find the item for you with the calories and nutrient facts. The app also keeps track of your daily steps, and can also be synced with MapMyRun to incorporate your daily workout.

If you are in search of an app to track your daily caloric intake, and set goals for yourself I highly suggest downloading MyFitnessPal.

Photo Credit: Under Armour, MyFitnessPal, Screen of App


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