MapMyRun: Customer Friendly Running App

Image result for under armourThe realm of the customer service industry is so vast and encompasses many different companies. Almost every company you interact with is going to have the customers experience on their mind. Making things simpler for the consumer is a huge goal for many companies, because the simpler it is to access your website, app, social media platform, or products the more likely the customer will have a positive experience and keep coming back for  more.

The health and fitness industry is vast, with many companies, products, and expected experiences from the customers. Everything from the clothing line the customer decides to wear, to the food they consume, to the gym membership they subscribe to are all part of this ever changing industry. The better experience the person has with the brand the happier they will be and the more likely they will recommend your product or service to others.

Image result for map my runI am going to focus on the running industry and the awesome customer experience I have had with MapMyRun by Under Armour. I grew up playing multiple sports, but after a reconstructive knee surgery during high school, I stopped playing the sports competitively and took up running as a hobby. During my senior year of high school I completed my first half marathon for my senior project.

I continued running through college as a hobby with my mom, and have now completed five half marathons along with numerous 5K’s and 10K’s. I have tried many different methods for tracking my runs and pace, from watches, to self-pacing, to fitness trackers that attach to your shoe. Each had their pros and cons; however I was never completely satisfied with any of the options.

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My mom recently showed me MapMyRun and I after my first use, I was shocked that I didn’t find that app sooner! It is very user friendly and extremely accurate. Not only does it track your walk or run, but will give you pace and distance updates at the desired intervals you set. It keeps all of your runs under your workout history so you can easily compare to previous times, and set new goals for yourself.

It also has the option to set goals for yourself, whether that includes weekly mileage, number or workouts, or the amount of time you want to complete each week. I personally like setting a weekly mileage goal and every walk or run I complete it updates my weekly goal so I know how many miles I have left to complete that week.

They also offer an upgraded in app membership plan where you can have access to distance specific training plans for 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, or customer distances. This is unique and allows many to find the right fit for them to keep them on track with their workout regimen.

If you are looking for an app to track your next walk or run, I highly suggest downloading MapMyRun. Easy to set up, and instantly you will be able to start tracking your progress and see your progression over the coming weeks.

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