Movie Theaters Are Increasing The Experience They Provide

Image result for movie theaterThe Social Age has changed the way people are able to access movies, music, television shows, and other sources of media. People used to have to head to a movie theater if they wanted to see the newest feature film. However, today many people wait for movies to be released digitally. No longer are movie theaters the go to for a movie experience.

This can be difficult for an industry, because many times theaters are not filled to capacity and they are losing sales each and every day. Millennials and the dominance of smart phones, make it difficult for many to sit through an entire movie without checking their phone for an update. This has obviously become a problem over the last decade or so, because every time you go to see a movie there is a screen telling everyone to turn off or silence their phones before the movie begins.

Image result for movie theater popcornMany people also are reluctant to pay the excessively high prices for food and beverages, which is one of the biggest sources of profit for many theaters. Most of the profit from the ticket sales, go back to the movie studios. These companies are relying on people to buy the concessions to keep the business running.

In order to combat the pressure of the ever changing expectations from the customer, many movie theater companies have been increasing the experience they provide in order to entice consumers to come back for more. Expanding concession options have gone from the typical popcorn and soda, to offering ice cream, numerous brands of candy, and even offering alcoholic beverages like beer and wine.

Image result for fandango theater

Fandago has started changing out the interior of their theaters, and have turned some of their larger theaters in Luxury+. These theaters have extra wide aisles, leather seats, and the option to recline the seat as well. This allows the customer to enjoy the movie as if they were at home. No longer do customers have to sit side by side, cramped into a theater, which is never filled to capacity anyways.

This is an extremely smart idea, because instead of quantity the focus has turned to quality. Providing a memorable and comfortable experience for the customer. Many even allow the customer to choose their seats ahead of time, also eliminating the pressure of finding the right seat. Creating a stress free and fun experience.

What other ways do you think movie theaters can improve the customer experience? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Photo Credit: Seating, Popcorn, Fandango


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