Bank of America Created a Stress Free Experience

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When it comes to people’s finances, safety and security protection are huge deciding factors on where consumers will do their business. Banks across the world have the intense pressure of maintaining customers’ confidentiality and protecting their assets for them. This is all part of the customer experience and service they provide. A customer needs to be reassured that the bank they keep their money in will keep them protected, otherwise why would anyone use their services at all. This is part of the financial industries customer service practice.

Image result for debit card fraudI decided to recognize Bank of America in this blog post, because I recently dealt with fraud to my account with them. This is not something that has ever happened to me before, so I was shocked when I realized that somehow, someone got the information to my debit card. Thankfully, it was only used for a small transaction amount, but just knowing that someone had access to my card was enough to cause stress and anxiety.

Thankfully, Bank of America has securities protocols in place to alert when activity on my account is made. I elected to have email notifications when any of my accounts with them are used to purchase something online, over the phone, or wherever a merchant would need to key in my card numbers. This was how I was instantly alerted that someone had used my card number electronically to make a purchase. I logged into my account and was easily able to find a help number, to contact since I didn’t recognize the transaction.

Once I called the number I answered a few questions and was alerted that the hold time was about fifteen minutes, but in this situation I was willing to wait because it involved my financial security. However, Bank of America provided a great option to leave my phone number and they will have someone call you back once you are next in line; instead of having to wait on the phone. Another great customer experience option.

Image result for fraud protection bank of americaI received a call back in a timely manner, and the employee was extremely educated and knew how to handle the situation quickly and efficiently. We went through a series of questions to help identify the situation, and I was notified that my account would be monitored for the following ten days, as well as instant closure of that card. She filed my claim, and said a new card would be shipped to me in a week, which I received.

I felt the stress melt away instantly, because this situation was handled so efficiently by Bank of America. I thank them for protecting my accounts, and ensuring my financial security with them. Bank of America provided an amazing customer experience and I am happy to continue by business with them.

Have you ever had to deal with fraud to your bank accounts? How did the company you do business with handle the situation? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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