Oreo: Customer Engagement Winner with #MyOreoCreation

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Companies are always looking for the next big way to delight and excite their customers. Providing a cutting edge experience or impression is the key way to stand out against competitors in this ever changing Social Age. In order for a company to truly engage their customers taking to social media with viral videos, ads, or hashtags is the way to get the consumers attention. With the lightning fast presence that social media platforms provide, this is the way to go if you want your newest trend to spread like wild fire.

Image result for my oreo creation contestThis brings me to the newest viral engagement trend that Oreo recently came out with. They are not only engaging consumers to interact with them over social media platforms, but are willing to pay you for your contribution! The #MyOreoCreation contest is the newest thing to hit the internet in the past couple of weeks, and the amount of engagement they have received is outrageous.

Here is a quick overview of what this contest is about:

  • Create an idea for the next Oreo flavor
  • Share your flavor, creation, or inspiration
  • Submit by text, Twitter, Instagram, register online
  • Respond to Oreo social posts
  • Use the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest
  • Just like that you are entered to win $500,000 if chosenImage result for my oreo creation contest

This is truly a completely viral way to engage your customers and get them excited about interacting with your brand. I guarantee more people will be thinking about Oreo’s than they were a month ago. In the Social Age contests like this are what excite consumers and increase their loyalty to your brand. You are empowering the consumer to come up with the next great flavor, so they are now not only a consumer, but a creator as well.

Oreo is known for its seasonal or limited time only flavors like; S’mores, Strawberry Shortcake, Brownie Batter, Cotton Candy, Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet. So it makes sense to get the customer involved in coming up with their next interesting and enticing flavor choice. Not only does this engage the customer, but will bring in profits for the company once the winning flavor is released.

With this viral customer engagement plan, of course I had to brainstorm my own flavor to submit to Oreo’s contest. With the help of my wonderful mom we came up with a beach time Oreo: coconut vanilla cookie with slightly salted turquoise crème, inspired by the sweet and salty atmosphere by the ocean.

What is your Oreo creation? Head to Twitter and let Oreo know, before time runs out!

Photo Credit: Oreo, Contest, Oreo Package


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