Customer Service Tip: Slow Down, Listen and Incorporate Fun

Image result for slow down and listen to your customersThe Social Age has changed the landscape for customer service in many industries. With the addition of technology and social media, sometimes people think the faster they go the better the results. Yes, timely feedback to a customer is extremely important. However, there are times that in order to truly help out the customer you need to slow down and just listen to what they are telling you.

Many times customers just want to know that an employee is genuinely trying to help them, instead of rushing and blowing them off. I know from experience that sometimes with the many demands an employee faces within a day “slowing down” is the last thing on their minds. However, to maintain a customer focused experience that many companies want, slowing down is one of the keys to achieving this.

Following up on one of my previous blogs about sincerity, I will again look at the article by Help Scout, “How To Talk To Your Customers.” They give great tips on customer service and communication and one of their last tips is about delighting the customer. This goes hand in hand with slowing down and listening, which will lead to a positive customer experience.

Here are some of their tips for achieving this result:

  • Ask questions to get to the bottom of what they’re really trying to accomplish
  • Boost happiness with GIFs, exclamation points, and emoji
  • Fix problems that aren’t your fault
  • Build relationships by picking up on personal details
  • Give thanks in the real world

Image result for emojiI think one of the greatest tools companies can use today is the addition of fun elements in their responses. Especially with the dominance of social media platforms, this is easily achievable. Many people now are already familiar with GIFs and emoji’s, and adding those in your response can lighten the mood. Obviously you need to understand your customer’s complaint and respond accordingly, but for some of the lighter issues or questions using fun elements in your response can brighten a customer’s day.

Wendy'sMany companies are able to be reached with help accounts over Twitter. Some companies have even opened accounts for their brand characters themselves, who will respond and interact with customers, many times using GIFs and emoji’s. Wendy’s has gained some popularity on Twitter, known for some witty remarks and interactions with customers, and with 1.72 million followers they are doing something right.

Do you appreciate if an employee slows down what they are doing to listen to you when you have a question? What if you received a GIF or emoji with a response to your question? Let me know by leaving a comment!

Photo Credit: Slow Down, Emoji, Wendy’s Logo


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