Cartwheel: How to Increase Your Experience at Target and Save Money

Image result for target Target is a great company aiming to exceed customer expectations. Whether you’re shopping in their store, online, or even placing an in-store pickup order, they go above and beyond to ensure you have a memorable experience. With the impact of the Social Age, Target is a company that knew they needed to keep up with the impact of smartphones and social media platforms. Making the shopping experience easier for customers’ as well as helping them save money is one of Target’s goals.

In comes Cartwheel! (Target’s Mobile App). Easily downloadable onto any smartphone (just head to the App Store or Google play) and you will instantly start saving money on your next trip to the store. From its launch date in 2013 to present day Cartwheel has saved Target customers a whopping $931,146,057. This number will continue to rise with the plethora of offers uploaded daily to the app.

Here are Target’s three main goals for Cartwheel:

  1. Choose offers on the things you love (5-50% off the price of hundreds of items)
  2. Scan your barcode at checkout
  3. Save money, feel good

For those of you who do not currently have the app, I’ll break it down a little further on how you can start saving today and increase your overall experience:

  • You can choose to sign in with Facebook, Google, or create a Target account
  • Once you sign in the savings begin
  • Tabs are broken into three groups:
    • For You: Suggests discounts based on previous purchases
    • Categories: Fast and easy way to sort through discounts
    • Collections: Featured discounts like; Easter, Hot Deals, Top Grocery
  • If you want to add an item just select and it’ll add to your checkout cart
  • Want to see if an item has a discount?
    • Click the scanner on the top of the screen and scan the barcode of the item
  • The more you use the app the more offers you will be allowed to add to your cart
  • Check the My List tab to keep track of your offers as you shop
  • Ready to checkout?
    • Just hit the bottom checkout button and the cashier will scan the barcode
  • Now you just saved some money in a simple and easy way with the app

Target is creating a great shopping experience, and tailoring deals and discounts to the needs of their customer. The more you shop and use the app, the more specified your deals will become. It is clear that the customer is one of their top priorities.

Next time you’re on your #targetrun make sure you download Cartwheel. You’ll save money with this user friendly app, and have a great shopping experience!

Photo Credit: Target, Cartwheel, Phone


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