Increasing Customer Experience with an Amazing Return Policy

Image result for return policiesEveryone knows that every retailer has a return policy, and these policies change from store to store. The days of 30 day returns with a receipt are over, with many companies giving you up to a year to return an item for any reason. These amazing return policies not only grow sales, but also increase customer loyalty. There are many retailers that are dominating “Top 10” lists, and a few of these companies stood out. Here are some of the retailers known for their great return policies:

  • Nordstrom: Being one of the initial companies to create lenient return policies, they have set the standard for the industry and many companies are following. Their policy on returning items with or without a receipt has set them apart by significantly increasing the customer’s satisfaction.
  • L.L.Bean: Another dominating company in the return policy spectrum, they have a lifetime guarantee on their items. The company states, “we make pieces that last,” and if you are not satisfied don’t worry just return your item (even if it has been a few years).
  • Athleta: The sportswear industry is booming, but also is sometimes difficult to find the right size, especially when purchasing online. Not to worry with Athleta’s “Give-it-a-workout-guarantee” you can buy and try out the product, and if it doesn’t work for you just return it.
  • Kohl’s: “Your satisfaction is our priority” is what this company stands by. With extended holiday return policies, no receipt returns, gift purchase returns, and others they are making it easy for their customer to return any item.
  • Target: Another company known for great customer service, they have slightly different policies depending on the item. However, again they support the no receipt return policy like many others. They also have extended policies for their Target Owned Brands as well as for REDcard holders.

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These are just a few of the company’s with amazing return policies, leading the industry for customer experience. Consumers are likely to be more loyal to brands that understand what the customer needs. Building brand loyalty starts with increasing customer satisfaction, and following these companies with their open return policies is a good place to start.

However, not all companies are keeping up with the industry standard. Some companies seem to continuously be updating their policies, while not necessarily communicating it to their customers effectively. This can lead directly to a negative customer experience. With so many companies promoting great return policies, other companies should follow their lead to increase their customer satisfaction.


Policies differ from store to store, and can be very detailed. Next time you are online surfing the internet for your next outfit, check out their return policies. Does your favorite company hold up to the five companies listed above? Check it out and you may also find extra deals you did not know your favorite company offered!

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