Employee Morale and Customer Satisfaction

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Increasing customer satisfaction is a key element for many companies. Making sure your customer walks away with a great experience many times comes down to their interaction with the employees. If employees are unhappy then most likely they will not be engaged with creating a great customer experience. Increasing employee morale will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Not only does increasing employee morale help with customer engagement, but also leads to lower levels of turnover and more loyalty within your company. A happy and engaged employee is more willing to come to work with a positive customer service attitude, versus the employee who is there and counting down the minutes until they can clock out. If an employee has this attitude, you can guarantee they are not going to go above and beyond for a customer’s request.

Increasing employee morale comes in many different forms. For many companies just properly training your employees can be great start. In “High Employee Morale = High Customer Satisfaction,” Meredith Estepon Thu lists some great ideas. Some of these include; empowerment, rewards, and leading by example. Leading by example is crucial to success. If the management team in a company is not showing their employees how to properly engage with a customer, then how can they expect their employees to know what is expected.

Having a strong focus on the customer experience is many times one of the company’s key strategies. However, this sometimes can come at the employees’ expense. In “How Employee Morale Impacts Customer Satisfaction,” Michel Miller states that, “there is a motto that the customer comes first.” This is a very important strategy for the management team, but if you are not empowering your employees and making them feel valued with recognition, they will not fulfill the companies goals in making this happen. Employees are the front line when it comes to customer satisfaction, and if you want your customer to be satisfied, then you should make sure your employee is satisfied as well.


How likely would you be to return to a store if your first few trips consisted of negative interactions with the employees? Let me know how an employee can impact your overall experience by leaving a comment!

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