Utilizing Mobile Apps to increase the Customer Experience

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Today’s changing technology allows for companies to get creative when thinking of new and innovative ways to increase a customer’s satisfaction. The overall experience no longer stops at emails, websites, or social media platforms. In order for a company to stay competitive they need to utilize all areas, including mobile apps. With many people spending numerous hours a day on their smartphones it is critical that a company take advantage of this fact.

Mobile apps are an easy way for a company to engage their customer and tailor their message specifically to each person. With the ease of having the app readily available on a smartphone the customer has one less step to take when searching for what they need. No need to have to search for a store on the internet, just open the app and shop away. Designed for mobile use, these apps make it quick and easy to find what you need at your favorite store on the go.

Take Target for example; along with their Target Mobile App they also have a savings app called Cartwheel. They are utilizing their consumers’ smartphones to their advantage. The mobile app allows the customer to search for the specific store they are shopping at. You can easily see if items you are looking for are in the store, and even includes the aisle location. If for any reason the item is out of stock it shows nearby stores, or allows you to purchase online. Making the customer’s shopping experience that much more enjoyable.

The Cartwheel app is a great tool honing in on a customers desire to save money. Once downloaded to your smartphone you create an account and let the savings begin. The more you use the app the more it customizes to each customer’s specific needs. With hundreds of deals each day, Target is allowing their customers to save money in an easy an efficient way. With everything being available right on your mobile device this is sure to increase the overall customer satisfaction.


Target is only one example of a company maximizing their technology utilization by using two different apps to engage the customer and increase their experience. I encourage you to find your favorite store and see if they offer a mobile app. I am sure it will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and most likely save you some money as well!

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