Customer Service in the Social Age

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We live in a society reliant on technology: the Social Age. From one week to the next we are receiving software and usage updates on our phones, computers, apps, and social media sites. In order to stay ahead of the curve companies need to anticipate these quick changes in technology. You do not want to be the company that has the outdated website that no longer complies with the newest software update.

Not only does a company need a website, but surely needs a presence on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat to name a few. In order to engage the customer you want them to easily be able to access your brand on these sites. Also, allowing the customer to engage with the company through comments encourages a more mutual marketing technique. The Social Age allows for two way communication between customer and company.

Not only is the customer going to have a better experience, but also feel that their voice can be heard through social media. This can also lead to negative consequences if a company ignores consumer demands. Social media platforms allow companies to address customer complaints in a more rapid way than in the past, and they need to capitalize on this fact.

Customers expect to see the latest and most accurate information when they visit a company’s website or social platform. If a company does not update these sites regularly they are behind the curve and surely have competitors ready to take their place. A customer is more likely satisfied and can be expected to buy products or services from companies willing to embrace the pros and cons that come with these rapidly changing platforms.


Go and find your favorite company’s website and see if they encourage you to interact with their social media platforms, or recommend downloading their latest app. You might be surprised which companies are or aren’t taking advantage of all that the Social Age has to offer!

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