Customer Service is Always Changing

Working in the customer service industry on and off for the past eight years, I have seen various changes in the way this field operates. What may have worked previously is most likely outdated and needs a new and fresh approach. An industry dominated by the needs of the consumer, companies need to utilize their desires. Having excellent customer service can allow a company to increase their competitive advantage in the market.

Exceeding customer expectations comes in many different forms. From employee training to empowerment, return policies to shipping costs, hours of operation to whether or not to open or close on certain holidays, the expectations cover a wide range of topics. Companies have to change with the needs of the customer in order to stay relevant and profitable.

One of the biggest changes in this field is the dominance of social media, and consumer expectations of companies regarding these platforms. If a company cannot be found on social media giants such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Snapchat to name a few a consumer can quickly determine that the company is not keeping up with the times in the Social Age. If a company does not have a functional website, then they should expect to be battling a negative customer experience right away.

I am confident that your favorite place to stop for food, pick up groceries, grab your necessities, or where you head for that shopping spree is utilizing many of these different platforms in order to stay fresh and relevant in the rapidly changing age of technology. If they are not they should probably consider changing a few things.


What way do you like to connect online with a company? Checking their social media platforms? Browsing through their website? Downloading their latest app to your phone? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on this dynamic field of business!



  1. amandaleighfrazier

    Hi Brittney! Love the blog and wanted to comment since this is an area in which I work. I think that all the different tools must work together to send a specific and consistent message about the brand, and I am lucky to work for a brand that does an excellent job reaching customers through multiple social media platforms successfully. As a consumer, I enjoy interacting with companies through a well built website and Instagram account. If both of those platforms provide a consistent message about the value of the product, I am highly likely to buy and have found myself doing just that due to a powerful campaign message!


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